About Kharkiv

Svobody Square

Svobody Square is the sixth largest square in Europe and the twelfth largest in the world: its length is from 690 to 750 meters, and its area is almost 12 hectares!

The square is able to hold a population of a whole middle-sized town. The concert of Queen in 2008 gathered between 150 and 350 thousand people!

Svobody Square is the venue for all major events, concerts, public festivals, and fairs.

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Water park “Jungle”

It is the biggest indoor water park in Ukraine!

The park is decorated like a tropical zone, and even during the cold season you can be taken to its warm atmosphere with lush vegetation, waterfalls, streams, tropical rivers and traces of “ancient civilizations” in the form of fragments of rocks and pyramids.

The park offers a variety of attractions and breathtaking slides as well as quieter places to relax, such as pools, massage rooms, solarium and sauna.

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Kharkiv “Disneyland”

A world-class amusement park offers its visitors 40 attractions as well as special zones for active recreation, extreme zones, walking areas for quiet rest and a French zone.

It is better to take the whole day to visit the park.


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Cable way is a leisure and transportation system. Its length is almost 1.5 kilometers and the highest peak is about 30 meters. The duration of the trip is about 20 minutes and its cost is less than €1.


Kharkiv churches

Kharkiv is an international city which is open for various religions and cultures. Orthodox and Catholic churches, Jewish synagogues, Muslim mosques and other churches peacefully coexist in the city.

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Kharkiv Dolphinarium. Hotel with dolphins

Kharkiv dolphinarium “Nemo” is one of the most modern and one of the largest dolphinariums in Ukraine. It is located in the very center of the city. Fascinating shows with dolphins, a white whale, fur seals and sea lions are offered to visitors.

A romantic night show is especially memorable.

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A source of pride of the dolphinarium is the only hotel in Europe with dolphins.

The five-star spa hotel houses 3 swimming pools, a pool with dolphins, a spa zone, a fitness club, TERRACE BEACH CLUB with a pool and jacuzzi, 2 restaurants with cuisine to suit all tastes, Kids Club, a dolphinarium and an oceanarium.


A stand-alone field is represented by dolphin therapy – rehabilitation and recovery. It is carried out under the supervision of a Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

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Kharkiv Eco Park

“Ecopark” is an ecologically clean zone of wildlife in Kharkiv. This regional landscape park occupies an area of 140 hectares. In its territory there is a petting zoo with almost 2,000 animals of 200 animal species, many of which successfully breed in captivity. On average 1.5 million people from 24 countries visit “Ecopark” annually.

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You can really enjoy spending the whole day in the park, walk to a swan lake, watch horse-riding, and after gaining good appetite, have a tasty lunch.

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Eco park is a social project, so admission is free of charge.

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Kharkiv “Switzerland”

It is a modern ski resort with well-maintained ski runs up to 400 meters in length. Slope regions vary in steepness, so skiing or snowboarding will be interesting for both beginners and professionals.

Two ski lifts continuously operate in the ski resort, as well as musical background, which will make your skiing even more pleasurable.


The resort has a variety of cafes where you can eat full meals and drink hot tea or mulled wine.


Places to eat in Kharkiv

Kharkiv offers its guests various cuisines from around the world: national Ukrainian, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese cuisines and many others.

The type of food locations varies from budget-friendly cafes to upmarket restaurants.

If you want to eat quickly, tasty and at a low price, you can visit a chain of national cuisine restaurants – “Puzata khata”. The cost of a full lunch is €2-3.

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Restaurants with Ukrainian national cuisine

It is possible to feel the power of the Ukrainian spirit in national cuisine restaurants, where special rural atmosphere is recreated.

Guests are offered to plunge into the atmosphere of home comfort and warmth, please themselves with mouthwatering and hearty meals.

A genuine Ukrainian oven adds individual character to some restaurants. Dishes cooked in it have unique taste and aroma. You can taste Ukrainian traditional home-made sausages, lush fragrant bread and flavorful smoked products.

After trying Ukrainian cuisine, you will become its admirer once and for all.




A favorite place of city residents and visitors is a French cuisine restaurant “Paris”: https://paris.kharkov.ua/

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A unique in its atmosphere place is Lviv Handmade Chocolate. It is famous for producing chocolate according to the Belgian technology. All sweets are handmade.



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Night Kharkiv

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Fitness and sports in Kharkiv

White Stable Club is an up to date equestrian club located 15 minutes from the city center.

A team of professional instructors under the guidance of Miguel Viana (acting coach of the national team of Portugal) will provide you an opportunity to get riding lessons.


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“Misto” is a premium-class entertaining club.

You can use a gym equipped with modern training devices of world manufacturers Life Fitness and Hammer Strength.



“Misto” houses a recreational sauna wellness center with a jacuzzi, a pool with neon lights and water purified by sand and silver, a mini bar, Turkish and Finnish-Russian bathhouses, a rest room, karaoke and SPA procedures.


“Maharaja” center is an oasis of health and beauty in the heart of the city!

It is an embodiment of a dream where each guest is given maximum attention and care, surrounded by exceptional warmth and provided with the best place for practicing yoga, personal care and relaxation. The best massage techniques and spa procedures from all over the world have been selected especially for you.


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Bicycle day in Kharkiv


Kharkiv theaters and museums

Kharkiv is a highly-cultured and intellectual city.

Culture life in Kharkiv is represented by:

  • Children’s and Youth Theater
  • N.V. Lysenko Theater of Opera and Ballet
  • A.S. Pushkin Russian Drama Theater
  • T.G. Shevchenko Ukrainian Drama Theater
  • Theater of Musical Comedy
  • V.A. Afanasyev Puppet Theater
  • Kharkiv Regional Philharmonia
  • Organ Hall


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City museums:

  • Kharkiv Historical Museum
  • S. Vasilkovsky Municipal Art Gallery
  • Museum of Railway History
  • Museum of Nature of the Karazin Kharkiv National University
  • Popular Science Museum of World Sexual Cultures
  • Kharkiv Museum of Literature
  • Museum of Water
  • Museum “Kosmos”: astronomy, space exploration and ufology
  • Botanical Garden of the Kharkiv National University
  • Museum of Slobozhanshchina Folk Art
  • Museum of Aviation
  • Church Historical Museum of Kharkiv Eparchy




The transportation network of Kharkiv is quite well developed due to the fact that the city is a large transportation hub of international importance.

Every day city transport carries about 2 million passengers. For the convenience of citizens there is an underground as well as various land transport modes, such as buses, trolley buses, trams and fixed-route taxis.

Kharkiv is connected by railway, international bus routes and air traffic with the majority of other cities of Ukraine and many foreign towns.


Kharkiv International Airport http://hrk.aero/

It is located within the city limits (12.5 km to the southeast of the Kharkiv city center).

The second-class airport is capable of receiving such airplanes as Airbus A310, Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Douglas MD-80, and Embraer 145.

Since 2013, the airport is equipped with an instrument landing system (ILS) according to category II.

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Kharkiv railway station. It is one of nine city symbols.

A modern station building is constructed in the “Empire” style.

Inside the station building, there are two waiting rooms, a shopping center, outlets, bars and cafes as well as a hotel with 54 rooms.

All transit trains, travelling in the direction of ten major Western European countries, stop in the city of Kharkiv.



Kharkiv underground.

It comprises three acting lines with an overall length of 38.45 km, as well as 30 stations with three underground transfer hubs in the city center.

Among undergrounds of the former USSR, it ranks forth by the length of operating lines (following Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev undergrounds) and fifth by passenger throughput in the CIS.

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Kharkiv tram is one of the main modes of municipal public transport in Kharkiv.

Its operation started on July 3, 1906 (it is one of the oldest tram systems in Ukraine. The system includes 13 routes, 232.1 km of rails, 2 depots and 303 tram cars.

A fare is €0.1.

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Kharkiv trolley bus. Its regular traffic was established on May 5, 1939.

There are currently 23 routes. The longest route is 31.4 km and the shortest one is 4.85 km.

Trolley buses circulate from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. About 200 units of a linear rolling stock regularly operate on these routes.

A fare is €0.1.

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Bus transport.

A bus terminal and three bus stations operate in Kharkiv; international transportation is carried out as well.

City passenger throughput is provided by a large number of bus routes. A fare is €0.1.



42 taxi providers operate in the city on a 24-hour basis.


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