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Dentistry perhaps is one of the most popular types of medical tourism to Ukraine.

The cost of services in our country is much lower than in Europe. But the quality of services as well as qualification of dentists is still high.

As with any other type of diagnosis or treatment first of all it is necessary to create a plan.

To do this we need information about your clinical case, complaints and wishes. Our specialist will specify necessary details contacting you via Skype™, Viber, phone or email.

Then we will offer you a treatment plan and stipulate the cost, terms and other necessary details.

Detailed description of our cooperation process is described here.
The treatments in our dental clinics are held on the most modern equipment of world famous firm Sirona (Germany).


Hygienic procedures

Dental hygiene is a combination of professional procedures by which you can prevent caries, remove all kinds of plaque, prevent tartar.

After these procedures, your teeth will get the original natural appearance. Yellow will disappear and oral health will be improved.


The complex of professional dental hygiene includes:

  • examination and diagnostics;
  • creation an individual plan of prophylaxis;
  • removal of dental plaque;
  • teeth polishing;
  • fluoridation;
  • instructing how to make oral hygiene at home.


Removal of dental deposits is performed using special instruments such as ultrasonic scalers and professional active substances.

Dental restoration

What is dental restoration of teeth and how it differs from the filling?


image006Filling is a replenishment of defects in a tooth. This is medical procedure.

Dental restoration includes treatment procedures and work under the full restoration of tooth tissue volume with re-creation of its architecture and color. This leads to improvement of the natural beauty of face and smile and keeps chewing function.

In another words dental restoration is putting teeth damaged by dental caries to their original form. Such result is achieved by correct selection of the restorative material: by color, transparency and form.

Thanking to the usage of modern technologies and high professionalism of our doctors we provide patients with healthy and beautiful teeth for a long period.

Aesthetics should be done when gums are healthy. Therefore periodontal treatment should be also provided if necessary. Orthodontic or orthopedic treatment is used to restore the correct position of the teeth in the dentition.



When the teeth are healthy but their appearance upsets it is worth thinking about veneers.

Veneers are very thin plates covering the front surface of the tooth and the adjacent tooth surface in the form of compact scales.

Veneers solve the problem of root canals darkened as a result of the treatment as well as the darkening of the teeth after taking of certain types of antibiotics. Such defects cannot be corrected by whitening.

The main advantage of veneers is that their installation does not require removal of tooth nerves and leaves the teeth alive.

Also veneers can partially adjust the shape of the teeth. In particular, the veneers can be placed on curved or too short teeth. Extra spaces between the teeth can be also removed by using veneers.

To be installed in complex with the periodontal plastic surgery ceramic thin plates solve the problem of gummy smile.

Contraindications to the veneers are pathological abrasion of the teeth, bruxism (teeth grinding), malocclusion and absence of more than 5 grinding teeth.

It is possible to lead a normal life after installation following the recommendations of a dentist for proper usage. Observance all of the recommendations would significantly prolong the life of veneers.


image007Root canal is a cavity in the root of tooth where the blood vessels and nerves are. What happens if the canal is cleaned and filled poorly?

Infection remains inside. This infection causes inflammation and moves to the jawbone. If root canal will be left untreated the infection will lead to disease named “periodontitis”.

It can be the cause of tooth loss.

Endodontic treatment includes:

    • mechanical and medicamental treatment of root canal;
    • sealing of root canal.




image008If during long period of time you notice blood when brushing your teeth and it is accompanied by pain and bad breath, it is the time to visit periodontist.

Periodontist is a dentist who deals with periodontal disease.

What is the cause of this unpleasant and dangerous disease? Tissue which connects tooth and gum is failed because of harmful influence of dental plaque. This leads to inflammation and can reach tooth bone.

Such disease which characterized by inflammation of the gum and tooth bone is called periodontitis. Unfortunately treatment is long and requires from the patient the maximum following of doctor’s recommendations.

For each patient individual treatment plan is selected. It includes not only the use of drugs but also the necessary oral hygiene. If follow all the prescriptions then periodontal disease is successfully treated.


Dental prosthetics

image009Dental orthopedics is aimed to restore the integrity of the previously lost dentition as well as to restore a single tooth or group of teeth.

Prosthetics was initially the basis of dental orthopedics. In our days options offered by prosthetic dentistry are wide. Patient can change the color and shape of the teeth as well as their size and position with the help of crowns and veneers.

Dentures can be removable or non-removable.

Non removable dentures are inlays, veneers and crowns.

Modern materials and the latest technologies provide maximum comfort for patients with installed artificial dentures. After the denture installation and completion of all phases of treatment you will forget about your problem and enjoy life!


image010According to the World Health Organization researches the implantation is the most secure, reliable and long-lived method for the teeth recovery.

Implant is an artificially manufactured multi-component construction which is used for introduction into the bone tissue of the jaw.

Implants replace the roots of missing teeth an therefore allow restoring the dentition.


In our clinics we use only proven implants of leading world manufacturers: Straumann (Switzerland), Nobel Biocare® (Switzerland), Neo Biotech® (Korea), DIO Implants (Korea).




image011Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which solves problems of occlusion and location of the dentition.

Orthodontics helps all those who suffer from curvature of the teeth and has complex because of this. Correction of teeth curvature is not just aesthetic treatment. Malocclusion can further affect the overall condition of the teeth and gums.

Now orthodontics can help everyone to correct occlusion regardless of age.

The elements of braces are attached to the tooth row by orthodontist and are corrected with special instruments.

Braces are correcting system which has no deserving alternative to this day.

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