General questions

Do I need a visa to Ukraine?

Citizens of following countries can come to Ukraine without visa:


Citizenship Permitted period
All European Union countries up to 90 days
CIS countries, except Turkmenistan up to 90 days
USA, Canada up to 90 days
Some other European countries:


Switzerland, Andorra, Vatican, Iceland, Monaco, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, San Marino

up to 90 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia up to 30 days
Other American countries:

Argentina, Brazil,

Panama, Paraguay, Chile

up to 90 days
Asian countries:


South Korea, Japan

up to 90 days
Other Asian countries Turkey – up to 60 days

Brunei – up to 30 days

Hong Kong – up to 14 days


Citizens of other countries need visa.


How do I apply for a visa to Ukraine?

To simplify the process, we prepare a formal invitation to enter and send its original to you.


I’m afraid of political instability. The media do not always tell the truth. How do I know what is happening in your country in reality?

    Reference to the travel forum – reviews of real people coming to Ukraine.


Webcams – broadcasts from the streets of Ukrainian cities in real time:

Kiev, Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti):

Kharkiv, Freedom Square (Svobody Square):

Odessa, Catherine Square:

Lviv Opera:


Do I need to look for an interpreter by myself?

Our interpreter will accompany you all the time in Ukraine spent with us.


How much are the services of an interpreter?

Depending on the target language.

It is possible to pay for hour (for example, only when you are in health care facilities) or on demand during the day (discussed additionally).


How do I move around the city?

Depending on your needs:

  • our personal driver;
  • reliable taxi service;
  • public transport – metro, buses.


Where will I live and how much it costs?

Depending on your needs:

  • European-class hotels. Ukraine hosted the UEFA EURO 2012, Eurovision and other international competitions.
  • Hotel 4* from € 30 Euro per day.
  • Apartments from economy to VIP-class: € 10-25 Euro per day.
  • VIP-apartments at clinics: from € 30 Euro / day
  • Hostels: from € 4 Euro / day


What is the cost of food and meals?

3-time meals in the cafe – from € 7 euro / day.
If you choose the apartments you can cook at homе.


Can you help to find the most convenient and economical flight?

At your request, we will offer the best options.


What currency can I pay for services in Ukraine?

The national currency of Ukraine – hryvnia. It can be easily purchased per the Euro, US dollars and other major world currencies.
International banks operate in Ukraine such as Raiffeisen, ProCreditBank, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole. Cash with bank credit card can be withdrawn easily in the ATM network.


Can I have a consultation with a doctor before my trip to Ukraine?

Initial video-consultation via Skype with the doctor-curator as well as with the relevant specialist is free of charge.


Will you calculate the duration of my stay in Ukraine and the full cost of all procedures?

Yes, we will. Before the trip, you will be familiar with the duration and cost of the programme.


Will I need to sit in a queue, waiting for the appointment to the doctor?

Your appointment will be arranged for a specific time.

If appointment for several doctors is arranged, we will combine them so as to avoid delays.


How will I know that everything is prepared for examinations correctly?

We will tell you in details in advance, how to prepare for each of the planned procedures.


If I do not know whether I suffer from specific kind of allergy or not, will be special tests conducted?

Yes, they will.


In which language will I get the results of examinations, analyzes and doctors’ recommendations?

We provide you with a certified translation, as well as originals (CD-disks with CT, MRI results etc.). Thus, you will be able to use in your own country the results obtained in our clinics.


In what form the program of a trip to Ukraine will be offered to me?

  • Preliminary plan of diagnostics and/or treatment.
  • Estimated cost.
  • Duration of stay in Ukraine.
  • A list of additional services that may be needed and their cost.


Will I be able to understand the doctors and the medical staff?

You will be accompanied by our qualified interpreter during all the consultations and appointments.


Will I get the answers to my questions when I will come back to my country?

Our experts will be always ready to help you and respond to your questions during your stay in Ukraine and after your coming back home.


Will I be explained whether I’m healthy or not, after undergoing all the procedures in Ukraine?

Our doctor will summarize your visit and provide you with complete information about your health status.


Can I ask advice from my consulting doctor in my country about participating in your programs?

Sure you can.


May I undergo both diagnostics and treatment in your medical facilities?

Doctors will make a treatment plan based on the results of diagnostics. You will be able to undergo a course of treatment, physiotherapeutic procedures, massage and balneotherapy with us.


Do you accept children?

Yes, we do it with great pleasure!

For the special children we can offer dolphin therapy.


Can I send my elderly parents to you for the diagnostics and treatment?

Of course! We can offer special programmes for the older people. If necessary, special nursing and personal support will be organized.


Do you provide rehabilitation services?

Yes, we do. We offer professional medical care in specialized clinics.


Can I find out about the level of your doctors and equipment?

  • Examinations and treatment are carried out using the equipment of leading world manufacturers: Siemens, Toshiba, Philips, GE, Esaote, Karl Storz, Olympus and others.
  • The doctors have the highest qualification; there are Doctors of Science and Philosophy Doctors among them. Our doctors are constantly being improved and practiced in Europe and the United States.
  • Modern treatment regimens and medicines are used.


Do you organize leisure time?

  • City tours, restaurants and cafes, exhibitions and museums, theaters and concert halls.
  • Fitness and swimming pools.
  • National festivals, tasting of local cuisine and beverages.
  • Eco-parks, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins.
  • Trips out of town to the nature (forest, lake, river etc.).
  • Nightclubs and discos.
  • Visiting monasteries, laurel, mosques, synagogues and churches.


Can I speak to those who use your services?

We keep confidential of patient data. It is possible with their agreement.

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