Legal Aspects

Organizing international “medical trips”, you can have a lot of questions concerning legal side of the trip. They are registration of contracts and legalization of documents, money transfer and other.

The main issue is the execution of legal relations with a foreign party. These relations should be made by concluding a civil contract.

The main terms of the contract are the rights and obligations of the parties, expiration date, cost, terms of payment, responsibility of the parties, force majeure, legal details.

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Ukrainian legislation protects the interests of the biological parents at surrogacy and donation.

For example, here is an extract from the Family Code of Ukraine.

  1. In the case of the birth by the wife of a child conceived as a result of assisted reproduction which is carried out with the written consent of her husband, he is recorded the child’s father.
  2. In the case of the transfer to the body of another woman human embryo conceived by spouses (man and woman) as a result of assisted reproductive technologies, spouses are considered as the child’s parents.
  3. The couple recognized the child’s parents if this child is born by a wife after the transfer to the wife’s body of the embryo conceived by her husband and another woman as a result of assisted reproduction.

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