Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Essence of the method

The method of magnetic resonance imaging is based on the principle of magnetic resonance of hydrogen nuclei. Hydrogen is the most widespread element in the human body. MRI allows us to study the human body on the base of the saturation of body tissues by hydrogen. The method of magnetic resonance imaging is harmless because it does not generate radiation exposure. MRI is very popular for this reason and because of the value of diagnostic information obtained.  

What it is for


The most frequently used for the diagnostics of diseases of:

  • brain: neurological disorders, vascular lesions, inflammations, tumors, functional disorders and others;
  • spine: osteochondrosis, disk herniation, inflammations, tumors, injuries and so on;
  • joints: arthritis and arthrosis, meniscus and ligaments injuries and pathologies, inflammations;
  • breast: tumors, inflammations like mastitis;
  • abdominal cavity: liver, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal gland, gallbladder, retroperitoneal space etc.;
  • pelvic organs.


How it goes

MRI does not require special preparation. You can take the medication, have a meal and drink normally. Only abdominal organs scanning requires refraining from solid food during several hours before the procedure.

Strong magnetic field can attract iron objects in your body. Therefore MRI cannot be performed in the presence of pacemakers and other programmable implants as well as metal objects in the brain and eyes. Dental implants are usually not a contraindication to MRI.Before the start of the check-up you will be asked some questions concerning the presence of metal prostheses, artificial heart valves, middle ear implants and dental implants. At the room before MRI cabinet you will be asked to remove metal objects from clothes like keys and coins as well as the watch, jewelry, dentures. You will be able to leave them in a locker.

Some elements of the make-up may contain metallic inclusions and distort the diagnostic image when head is examined. That is why before undergoing an MRI it is recommended to remove your make-up. Operation of MRI scanner is accompanied by noise produced by electromagnetic pulse generator. For your comfort you will wear headphones with relaxing music.

After preparation table with the patient is put into magnetic field. If you have questions at any time of the examination process you can talk to the doctor using a special microphone.


MRI is completely painless.


You will not feel the magnetic field. Breath calmly during the scan and try to avoid movements since the extra movement can distort diagnostic image.
Our doctor will assign the necessity of MRI after your medical history examination.

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