About reproductive technology

What accounts for the popularity of IVF in Ukraine?

The cost of infertility treatment in Ukraine is much lower than abroad. The results and the services are at the level of Europe.

In addition, Ukraine has very loyal legislation. In particular, egg donation (when donor oocytes are fertilized by the sperm of husband) is permitted.

For comparison: in Europe, egg donation is permitted only in the Czech Republic, Spain and Greece, so the Europeans are ready to come to Ukraine for IVF.

Also, there is practically no age restriction.


Surrogacy is also permitted in our country. Rights of biological parents are protected as much as possible. In this regard, Ukraine occupies one of the leading positions in the world. Read more here.


What is the cost of IVF?

The price of the basic program is from €2800 Euro. Medicines are included.

IVF with oocyte donation – from €4200 Euro.

Surrogacy program – from €17500 Euro. Services of a surrogate mother to be paid separately.

More information concerning assisted reproductive technologies here.


How many times will I need to come to Ukraine?

The first arrival of the couple is for donation of biological material, necessary examinations and paperwork.

The second arrival of the woman:

  • IVF programme. The patient stays in Ukraine for 18-21 days.

Stimulation at the place of patient’s residence is possible. This option reduces the duration of the second visit. As result, it can last just few days.

  • Oocytes donation programme. Patient arrives a few days before embryo transfer.
  • Surrogacy. Patient arrives a few weeks before the baby birth. You will also need to remain for some time after birth for executing all documents.


Can I choose a donor of oocytes using her photo?

Yes, you can.

Donor information contains:

  • A photo (including photo in childhood).
  • Age, height, weight, eye and hair color, blood type.
  • Brief description of the type of activity and character traits.
  • Marital status.
  • History of participation in donation programs.
  • Religious status.


Can I choose a sex of future baby?

We are guided by the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and the concepts of gender equality. The child’s sex is determined if PGD (pre-implantation) diagnostics is carried out.


How can I know that the donor / surrogate mother is healthy?

All the donors / surrogate mothers from our database are checked and healthy.

In addition, the donor / surrogate mother is fully re-examined before entering your programme.


Can a surrogate mother at the same time be an egg donor?

No, she cannot. Ukrainian law forbids this variant.

In this case the programme “Surrogacy with donation of oocytes ” is proposed.


Who will be recorded in the certificate of birth as parents? Is the name of the surrogate mother there?

The birth certificate will indicate the biological parents (i.e. You) as the child’s parents.

The surrogate mother and/or donor of oocytes are not specified in the birth certificate.

A newborn baby is genetically and legally considered a child of the couple, whose embryo was transferred to a surrogate mother.


How can I control the behavior of a surrogate mother during pregnancy?

Only women without bad habits participate in our programmes.

You will receive reports on gestation course at all key stages: pregnancy tests and screenings.

When contract with the surrogate mother is signed the methods and schedule of your contacts are stipulated. Contacts can be organized via various communication channels such as Skype, phone, etc.

In addition, we can offer an assistance of our coordinator who will regularly send you a photo reports from the place of surrogate mother residence.

The contract with a surrogate mother assumes its responsibility in relation to smoking and alcohol.


How to pay for services in the surrogacy programme?

Payment is accepted in parts, in the form of an advance payment before each stage.

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