Svetlana Ivanova | Pescara, Italy |

I would like to share my experience about cooperation with the medical company. I would tell about communication with the doctor who brought me back to a normal healthy life.


For many years I lived and worked but did not feel myself healthy. Then I was introduced to a doctor Liliya Yanishevskaya. We met on Skype and I told her about my problems and feelings. Since childhood I suffered from respiratory diseases. The diagnosis is chronic tonsillitis and rhinitis. The response of doctors was always the same: antibiotics, inhalation, instillation into the nose, gargling.


Over the years my health worsened but treatment did not change. Antibiotics almost did not help. For a while I felt better but everything resumed soon. I found myself in a situation when the disease did not leave. Typical scheme was: cold and then bronchitis.


Doctors reacted equally. If one antibiotic did not help it was changed to another one. In such way I broke my immune system and almost the whole year I was in the state of disease. Doctors said the same thing: be careful and avoid draughts. I needed a skilled specialist who could listen to my complaints attentively and try to understand my organism. Because every organism is individual.


My new doctor listened to me and made a picture of the disease. She asked me questions.


A few days later I got a treatment program. That was the beginning. I received from Ukraine necessary drugs.


After the first course of treatment here in Italy I felt better. After 3 months I went to Ukraine for complete control in the clinic.


I was examined within one day: ultrasound, blood test. Results were ready in an hour. So I got to know my preliminary diagnoses. I was sruprised that I had the problems with my heart. Then I was invited to the doctors: cardiologist and endocrinologist. In the end I received treatment programs.


In addition during those two days I cured my tooth and visited cosmetologist.


One year has passed since then. During this year I almost have not been ill. The most important that treatment programs were created in such way that taking of antibiotics was minimized. It allowed me to restore my immune system.


I would like to say couple words about the doctor. Liliya Yanishevskaya is highly skilled specialist. She is one of the best in Ukraine. She is a perfect diagnostician. Her treatment programs are based on modern methods and scientific developments. Doctor is the author of scientific researches and publications.


I want to thank the company Medical Ukraine and personally the doctor for attentive and non standard approach to my problems. As well as for moral support and the competent organization of treatment.

Anna | Rome, Italy |

I want to thank all those who helped me to solve my long-standing problem, to all employees of the company Medical Ukraine.


My name is Anna. For many years I suffered from leg pain. My legs were often swollen. I often took pain killers and cured veins and joints. For a period of time I felt better but very quickly pain returned.


On the recommendation of my friend who already already used the services of this company I decided to consult via Skype. There was no risk, it was free and I had nothing to lose. I told the doctor about my problems. A day later they sent me the scheme of diagnostics of my problems. I decided to go to Ukraine.


All organizational questions were at the highest level. And the most important thing is that now I am healthy! I went through diagnostics of blood vessels and joints. The result was that the cause of my problems with the legs was not the legs at all! The problem was found in the spine. MRI showed few hernias. I followed recommendations and made treatment at home. Gradually my state became much better. Now I feel almost healthy.


I got the report (laboratory tests and everything I did there) in Italian which made me very surprised. Here I showed all this to my family doctor and obtained his approval. So I was pleasantly surprised by this unexpected combination: low prices and high quality of services. But most important thing is the result!


Now I want to go to Ukraine again to treat the cataract.


I want to thank those who returned me life without pain.

Vladimir Kramarev | Warsaw, Poland |

In spite of my young age I had big problems with the genitourinary system. It began after one exposure. I changed more than five urologists and took some serious courses of treatment using medicines and special procedures. I was tested in different laboratories to avoid mistake. But for 3 years the problem did not go away. It only briefly subsided until the next exacerbation. I’d become afraid of these exacerbations as during them because of burning and other uncomfortable effects I could not fully work and live.


Accidentally I met Dr. Yanishevskaya. She held a full consultation on Skype, listened to my complaints, history, asked questions and requested the results of analyzes and studies.


Then after consultation with colleagues in Ukraine doctor made the assumption that did not occur to any doctor to whom I had spoken earlier. Maybe my problems are caused by spine! She offered her own vision of the problem and its solution. We agreed the time and types of procedures in such way that I could have them during my short weekly visit to Ukraine.


To clear the situation I got a complete examination of genitourinary system. It included analyses and urologist’s consultation. But I was also invited to the vertebrologist. The doctor was very professional. He made careful conversation and performed a variety of tests. To confirm his assumption I went through lumbar MRI.


During second consultation doctor explained the mechanism of my pain and how it relates to the spine. I got the treatment plan: course of drugs, massages and physiotherapy. Doctor also offered further treatment program for the year ahead.


It is amazing but three and a half years have passed from that time and my problem has almost gone. It means that staff of Medical Ukraine obtained the result that many urologists and andrologists could not reach. Guys from Medical Ukraine looked at my problem from a different angle than any other. And they helped me to return to normal life. I am very grateful for this.


I should add that I liked cooperation with the company. I did not care of appointments to doctors and treatments. Everything was organized and ready for my arrival.


There is no need to say that my treatment costs much cheaper than in Poland.

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