Evaluation of embryos development is essential in terms of control over quality and rate of embryos development. Before introduction of this technology embryos development had been daily evaluated by removing embryos from the incubator and observing them under a microscope.

Even taking into account that this procedure is brief, embryos are still exposed to stressful impact of changes in environmental conditions (pH and temperature, weak electromagnetic fields and light).

Time Lapse Image technology allows taking digital photographs of embryos development directly in the incubator without the need for their removal. The procedure is carried out in automatic mode and with predefined frequency throughout the entire incubation period.



  • no contact of embryos with external environment;
  • process of embryo development is reliably controlled; an embryologist obtains important information about time intervals between division of cells, accuracy of the division process and other relevant details for each embryo;
  • by means of a high level of detailing (photographs are taken every 5 minutes), only very promising embryos are selected for further work;
  • low-intensity green light is used for photo fixation and it does not harm embryos.


Therefore, Time Lapse Image technology makes the process of selection of the most viable embryos as effective as possible and, in such a way, increases chances of pregnancy.

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