What are the main reasons for a trip for medical services abroad?

As a rule, the reasons are similar across countries:

  • The high cost of certain procedures in the country of residence.
  • Long periods waiting for their turn, for example, in the case of insurance treatment.
  • Legal restrictions on certain types of services.
  • Good references from acquaintances.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to solve health problems in the country of residence.


How is a trip of the patient organized?

These trips are similar to the tourist ones but at the first glance only.

When a person is considering the possibility of treatment abroad he or she firstly contacts us via email, phone, Viber, WhatsApp or leaves a request on the website.

Next, we ask the patient to send detailed information about the disease and the results of examinations and analyzes.

Our doctor-coordinator discusses the details with the patient and proposes a hypothetical solution of the problem and the appropriate clinic.

All further organization is carried out by us as well.

Upon arrival, the patient is met by our attendant, interpreter and driver.

For details, see here.


What requests do you receive the most often?

These are the problems in the field of reproductive medicine, plastic surgery, dentistry, eye surgery and expanded low-cost diagnostics.


On what basis are clinic partners chosen?

Selecting the clinic is a very serious matter. It is related to the health of people and our reputation. When choosing a clinic we are guided by its rating and references as well as our own experience. Each clinic has strong specialists in different fields and they are well known to us.


We focus on the professional level of doctors, equipment of hospitals and implementation of the latest technologies.

For us it is very important that our customers remain loyal to us and would like to appeal again.


In this age of the Internet, everyone can independently contact the clinic and come there. Why do they need an intermediary in the form of Agency for treatment abroad?

We hear this question from time to time.

Some people think that if they work with the agency, the cost will be higher. In fact, the price is the same whether the patient comes to the clinic on their own or through us.

Working with the clinic we conclude an agreement with it and get a special discount. This allows us not to raise the price for our patients.


In addition, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and information that is extremely useful to our patients. Every day we learn something new about the achievements of our partners constantly visit these clinics and know the specifics from the inside.

Also, sometimes there are special requirements of patients and we meet them precisely because we are familiar with all the subtleties.


Our business is to choose the best, professional and economical solution for our patient. And also to provide high quality service and attention to patient’s problems. In today’s world it is very difficult to find such approach.



What else can you say about your benefits?

During preparation for the visit of our patient we talk a lot discussing medical and other details. Thus, by the time of arrival, we are already very familiar with each other and the patient meets us as a good friends.

It is very important that we literally lead our patients by hand to doctors’ appointments, clinics and just around the city. They do not care about making an appointment and do not think how to get there and find the right building or office. They feel comfortable and do not feel stress or anxiety on arrival in another country.

We solve all the problems with moving around the city, provide personal interpreter and arrange leisure time.

With many of our patients, we continue to communicate closely after their return to their country.


In addition, we organize a trip so that the patient could save money compared to option if did everything himself or herself. This goal is achieved by selecting the best variants of accommodation, meals and moving around the city of the patient and attendants.

Moreover, the best medical institutions in terms of “price to quality” ratio are chosen.


Do the questions arise after the patients’ return to their country?

Our patients bring with them from Ukraine professional medical documentation and certified translations. This increases the level of confidence of doctors to our results.
If there are any questions we discuss them with the doctors of patient’s country of residence.

Here in Ukraine we cooperate with the doctors who are trained abroad and work according to foreign standards.

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